I honestly never thought I'd be the kind of person to get excited over a freakin sparrow.  The fact that I do get psyched on sparrows is still bizarre to me, but whatever, here we are.  I spent the morning looking for the Harris's Sparrow on Sauvie Island- never found it but was actually pretty happy with all the other sparrows around...

Golden-crowned Sparrow

 Savannah Sparrow

 White-throated Sparrow

 White-crowned Sparrow

 Lincoln's Sparrow

And these were just the five species I managed to photograph- there were also Song Sparrows, a Fox Sparrow, towhees and juncos... Nine sparrow species, not too shabby.

On the drive to the beach to walk the dogs I stopped to look at a flock of singing Western Meadowlarks.

 That was about it..  Good times!


  1. Great variety of Sparrows! The Meadowlarks are always wonderful to listen to!

  2. Catching the Sparrow bug is a curious and terrible affliction. I'm envious of your Oregon undergrowth! Looks like its prime emberizid territory

  3. White-throateds are my new favorite sparrow. Those markings are just too cool.

  4. Wonderful collection of sparrow shots. And I love the Meadowlarks. Great sightings! I am checking out all the sparrows now too. Wonderful post and great photos.

  5. Ill say it was good times..I love sparrows--and its fun to see if I can ID them before I scroll down to your caption...the Lincoln got me, cause I've never seen one before. Great sparrows!!!

  6. The White-crowned Sparrow is the non-native Gambel's form, with cleaner gray sides, pinker bill, and paler whitish back streaks than the Puget sound form that breeds locally. When you get all in a twitter over sparrow subspecies then you'll know you've really arrived!


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