Feeder videos.

My friend Laura recently emailed a video from youtube where someone had attached their GoPro camera to their suet feeder and caught some great Pileated Woodpecker action.  I thought I would try it myself yesterday and had high hopes for the project.  Here was my elaborate set-up:

GoPro camera + electrical tape + suet feeder

I packed in one of my homemade vegan suet cakes and waited for the action to start.  I let the video roll for fifteen minutes and edited down to less than two minutes.  It's just starlings dang it.  Kind of a cool view of them though...

I will try again soon for some less obnoxious birds.  Till then, check out other people's cool GoPro videos of feeder birds on youtube...  I highly recommend the praying mantis vs. hummingbird videos... I had no idea!