Mount Tabor.

I went up to Mount Tabor Park yesterday morning to see what was going on.  Still too early for fancy warblers, and in fact only saw a single Audubon's, but there were plenty of other birds around.   Many trees were just dripping with Pine Siskins, House Finches, and Lesser Goldfinches.

Pine Siskins

 House Finch

Lesser Goldfinch

 Lesser Goldfinch

Pacific Wrens have been my photo-nemesis bird the last couple years, but I actually managed to catch one as it paused to give me the stink eye:

Other birds around were tons of robins and Ruby-crowned Kinglets, a couple of Fox Sparrows, a single Varied Thrush, 27 Mallards in the reservoir, a few creepers, a Hermit Thrush, and a couple of noisy Band-tailed Pigeons overhead...

Good times!!


  1. Yeah yeah yeah your trees are dripping with Finches quit rubbing it in. You're like, part of the birding 1% (as oppose to us finch-less 99%)

    1. Laurence, you can have all of our finches if you will send up all of your thrashers. Even trade.

  2. Man, that's a lot of siskins! I haven't been up there in ages, but I know it will be hoppin' soon!

  3. I didnt get the siskins this yr like usually do...
    did see a pair of Northern Parula's last week...that ws great. STILL Lots of N. Cardinals around they are nesting in the woods around us here.
    GREAT shots as always here on your blog!!

  4. Great post and birds, Jen! I missed the Pine Siskins this year. So, I enjoyed seeing yours. The blossoms are beautiful, happy birding!


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