Eagle Creek.

I took the dogs out to Eagle Creek this morning for some wandering in the rain.  I was psyched that there were still plenty of active birds, but not psyched that I could barely get any photos.  At the overlook I finally remembered I had downloaded the app "Autostitch" and made a panorama:

It's not perfect but it was only my second time using the app.  Pretty cool, I highly recommend it.  Also at the overlook were juncos, Chestnut-backed Chickadees, Western Tanagers, Townsend's Warblers, and Black-headed Grosbeaks.  But none of those jerks would pose for me so here are some Common Mergansers in the river instead:

Back at Eagle Creek I was hoping for Harlequins but never found any.  Did see one American Dipper...

Also along the creek were Steller's Jays and Wilson's Warblers...

I love walking around this area, even in the rain...  

Oh, one last thing... One of the trees along the creek had this tag on it:

What's the deal?  I tried a quick google search and only came up with places to buy more of these tags...  Tell me what you know!

Good times!!


  1. That "killer tree" is weird. I too googled and it looks like it is just what is used to flag a tree that will be removed. Odd wording though, huh? I like your panoramic!

  2. It looks like it gets used for all kinds of things. It's supposed to be used to mark a dangerous tree -- one that could fall, that has dangerous branches, or would be dangerous to cut down. But, some people say it gets used to mark trails into a forest.

  3. I love your panorama shot. The scenery is pretty. Love the cute Wilson's Warbler and Stellar Jay? Happy Birding and have a great Memorial Weekend!

  4. YEAH that pano is super...My camera stiches them together, BUT I have to take 3 snaps and kinda sort of line it up it gives me a preview of the end of the 1st shot and you know I havent used it in a while! IN Fact I HAVENT taken many photos since I had to start working full time again,,,,it puts the quaitias on my avaiable time.
    Great shot of the Jay also....


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