Home sweet home.

No, I'm not talking about my favorite Mötley Crüe song (though I could!).  I am talking about being back in the northwest, enjoying some beautiful weather in a place that doesn't even know what "humid" means.  I've been birding here and there since returning from my trip so I'm just going to dump some good recent birds here for you...

Yellow Warbler, Force Lake

Also at Force Lake I watched a heron get attacked by several Red-winged Blackbirds until he eventually flew off to another perch.  I like the shadow on the heron in the second shot...

 Wilson's Snipe, Ridgefield NWR

Common Yellowthroat, Ridgefield NWR

 Great Horned Owl, Ridgefield NWR 

 Great Horned Owls, Ridgefield NWR

 Goslings, Ridgefield NWR

 Northern Shoveler, Ridgefield NWR

Marsh Wren, Ridgefield NWR

 American Goldfinches, Frenchman's Bar Trail

 Song Sparrow, Frenchman's Bar Trail

 Lazuli Bunting, Dike trail, Troutdale

My main reason for wanting to walk the dike trail from Sundial Road in Troutdale was the recent reports of Yellow-breasted Chats there.  I saw a bird fly from a big tree down into some blackberry bushes at one point and my first thought was meadowlark.  At the same time I was confused about the meadowlark being in the big tree and took a bunch of pictures of it (it was pretty far away though).  Of course once I got home, it turned out to be a chat! 

Lifer!  I need to go back there and try to get a better looksy. 

House Wren, Dike trail, Troutdale

 At Whitaker Ponds yesterday I was wondering how this Osprey was going to get out of this mess:

He was not so concerned.  He just swooped down gracefully and took off with only a couple birds in pursuit.  It might also help that his main pursuer had a mouthful.

Western Tanager, Force Lake

 Western Scrub-Jay, Force Lake

Yep, it's good to be back...


  1. Wow! Tons of great stuff...you always have the best luck. Bring that to the Kiwa next week!

  2. Great birds, Jen! I would be happy that the humidity is gone too. I love the Western Tanager and the Lazuli Bunting, both birds I would like to see during my July trip if possible. Congrats on your Chat lifer.

    1. You should definitely have no trouble finding both of those birds! Thanks!

  3. COOL TO SEE THAT CHAT!! Well it ain't even started to get humid here YET...but it will. Great to see the Western birds again on you blog its eye candy for me!! BOY Those owls are growing up to be big boys!! Happy weekend Jen.

  4. Great owl shots! I love how the Great Horned Owls youngsters always stick so close together!


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