Ridgefield NWR.

I had a nice trip up to Ridgefield yesterday morning, despite the frenzy of bunny rabbits making Ralph act like a complete nut job.  It was gorgeous out which was awesome after some cloudy/rainy days...

Cinnamon Teals are still all over the place.  This makes me happy.

I walked the little trail to the bird blind and found a Barn Swallow perched in the blind.  He didn't budge even when I got ridiculously close, likely because of a nest up in the corner.

I made it about five minutes on the Kiwa Trail before I heard Ralph barking like crazy because this little bugger decided to have some salad snacks right next to my car...

Ah well, no trail for me.  In the trees past the snoozing owl kids I found a river otter sitting along the water eating a big ole fishy thing...

Otters are adorable even when tearing apart dead stuff.

I saw my first baby coots and grebes of the season...

The Pied-billed Grebe mom was catching little fish for her two kids, who would race each other to be the lucky recipient...

The eagle kids are getting huge- I finally was able to see them moving around in the nest and couldn't believe how big they are now...

And that was about it!  Good times!!


  1. Love all the babies (and the Otter and the Barn Swallow)! Hopefully the baby Eagle won't be eating one of those adorable baby Grebes for dinner...

  2. A great post. Love all the babies that are out now. Shame on Ralph, for spoiling your Kiwa walk. He just wants to chase those bun-buns so badly!

  3. Dang Jen nice work! Those waterfowl chicks are pretty awesome, and being up north you've got a monopoly on them! Never see anything but Mallard chicks and Canada goslings here in AZ.

    That Barn Swallow close up is phenomenal. I'm waiting and waiting for the day when I get that opportunity. You definitely made the most of yours, outstanding capture!

  4. The grebe and coot chicks are adorable. And the eaglets are awesome. Love the otter and the barn swallow is adoarble. All great sightings, what a wonderful outing Jen! Happy Birding!

  5. HOW cool to see a river otter!! AND the birds in this post excellent SHOTs love the chicks and the PB-Grebe shot...AND big Eaglets for sure!!!
    OH I know all about the barking car bit, Floss is my Barker...she drives me nutz, and then Annie is the nose down and Gone in 30 seconds one...So between the 2 of them....I feel like a playschool teacher!!

  6. Baby Muppet grebes!!! Too Cute! Love the Barn Swallow shot, such pretty buggers.


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