The weekend.

It's been a busy weekend with not a whole lot of time for birding, but I managed to squeeze in a trip to Shillapoo Wildlife Area on Saturday afternoon.  Oh, and of course on Saturday evening I looked out my window and there it was, the Eurasian Collared-Dove, sitting in MY tree!   Still flying solo, but I can't imagine that will last long.

Along Lower River Road near Shillapoo I found a dead flicker in the road... RIP.

The dogs and I walked along a dike trail through some wetlands where we met this spokesman for the area:

The grasses at Shillapoo are filled with Savannah Sparrows and Common Yellowthroats...

Along the dike trail I found a family of Bewick's Wrens, some looking fairly young...

While we were there a storm was rolling in...

I took some photos with my phone too and played around with filters and such... Here's the same area:

Phone camera stuff is way too much fun.  That night when my friend and I were coming back from the store we noticed a sunset was a-happening, so we drove out to the bluffs and caught a pretty sick view...

Awesome.  Now I am off to meet a dog at the humane society!  Not for me, for my friend, but Jake is going to see if he approves.  Good times!!!


  1. Tidy post Jen, great sunset shot!

    On my blogroll thing it listed recent posts with the name of the blog and then a thumbnail--usually the first photo in the post.

    So today one entry read:

    Jen--I Used to Hate Birds
    Photo: A dead Flicker

    As if you killed a bird for your blog post or something. It made me chuckle

    1. oh man I laughed so hard at this!! Hey, we all make sacrifices for our art, right??

  2. Those are great photos from a phone!!! Nice colors!

  3. YES love that sunset shot...I cant figure out how to get the photos out of my camera! GUESS I will have to fiddle with it..
    Too bad about the DOA in the road..thats horrible.
    Hope the dog gets the THUMBS UP so he can have a home!!

    1. Ha, getting the photos out of the camera can be tricky sometimes... I just pop a USB into my phone and do it that way, but you can usually email them to yourself too. The dog got a big thumbs up!

  4. Poor flicker! The sunset shot is gorgeous, great capture. The wren is a cutie and would be a new bird for me. I am always happy to hear that people are adopting dogs, they need good homes. Great post and Happy Birding.


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