Lincoln City.

For my friend's birthday on Friday a bunch of us headed out to Chinook Winds Casino Resort on the coast in Lincoln City.  It was far from a birding trip but I did bring along my new Nikon point and shoot (a Coolpix S6100) just in case.  Saturday morning I woke up after only four hours of sleep and decided to hit the beach before hitting the breakfast buffet. 

I found a nice group of gulls hanging around a pool of water in the middle of the beach...

I was most psyched to see a few Heermann's Gulls, which eBird told me were the first I'd seen this year. 

The are definitely up there on my list of favorite gulls...

Also in the mix was a California Gull...

I have never felt too comfortable saying things like "check out those worn primaries," but seriously, check out those worn primaries!  Even more visible on this Western Gull:

And on this Glaucous-winged Gull:

Brown Pelicans were constantly coming and going along the shore with a couple stopping to pose on rocks for me...

Less common along the beach were pigeons.  This next shot confused me greatly but I think the bird has both of its wings up so they look like one giant wing:

Since the camera was new I decided to test out the macro setting- it worked pretty well...

Other birds that did some fly-bys were Pelagic Cormorants, Common Murres, Surf Scoters, and unidentified black dots.  Good times!!


  1. New camera huh? Sick. Where are the pictures of what lead up to only 4 hours of sleep?

    That last pelican pic is muy simpatico.

    1. Well, us rich folks are always buying new cameras and mansions and things.

      As for the pre-sleep photos...just look at a bottle of tequila and use your imagination.

  2. DAMN your rich? Can you loan me a few grand? lol
    Fun to take an early morning beach walk with your camera!! And you got some great shots too...That pigeon Wing shot is unreal-- the wings look huge..Lots of great gulls up there...and
    Love the macros too.
    IF gas was affordable, it would be AWESOME to see those Oregon cranes!!

  3. Haha, I wish, Sondra! The camera was actually 30% off a clearance price..

  4. Nice! I haven't seen the Pacific Pigeon before, but you nifty new camera seems like it did the job of solid documentation.

    I have no experience to back this up, and of course of course I am not insinuating anything, but it does seem like the best thing to do with a bit of a hangover is bird along the beach.

  5. "check out those worn primaries"? - Nerd! It's a slippery slope :)
    You will have to keep me posted on the camera. I have been wanting to investigate a pocket sized point and shoot. Something that is good for scenery pics so I don't have to switch lens. The macros came out nice.

  6. Oh, and I forgot to say- the new header would make a cool t-shirt. Really.

  7. I love the Oregon beaches, great shots of the gulls and pelicans. I have to say I did not think much of Lincoln City. We rode thru there a few times, the traffic on 101 was horrible. I am looking for a pocket size camera too, not sure which one to get though. How do you like the Nikon?


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