Ridgefield NWR.

It was a gorgeous morning up at Ridgefield today.  The air was cool, the breeze was nice, and the birds were out and about like it was springtime. 

I was most surprised to find a Western Tanager flitting about in the trees...

In the same area were a couple of Black-headed Grosbeaks, a handful of House Finches, and an adorable young Swainson's Thrush who seemed to have no idea that he was supposed to hide from my camera.

I am pretty sure I was the first to hit the refuge this morning which always has its advantages, like increased chances of seeing non-bird wildlife. 

Back to birds... I don't often post photos of starlings, so this little fella should feel quite honored:

I just love his or her little splash of shimmery green.  A pop of color, if you will.

Tree Swallow

I watched a Marsh Wren take a dust bath in the middle of the road.  It was pretty cute. 

Shorebirds were abundant.  They were also far away.  From what I could tell it was mostly dowitchers, Greater Yellowlegs, sandpipers, and Killdeer, not to mention oodles of Wilson's Snipes...

 In a blackberry bush towards the end of the loop were a male Red-winged Blackbird, a juvenile blackbird, and a yellowthroat.  Kind of funny to see them next to each other (though out of focus)...

That was about it for the refuge.  On the home front, my Eurasian Collared-Dove population has DOUBLED.  Now there are two.  I have named them Bill & Ted.

Good times!!


  1. I'd like to be the first to say: It looks like Bill and Ted are having an excellent adventure. Hardy-har-har. So cool that you have them visiting!

    A very nice sequence of Ridgefield pics. There's always something nice to see there.

    1. Ha! Yes Bill & Ted are having excellent adventures... Though I just realized I named that poor duckling I found Ted. I am not creative with names apparently.

  2. A pop of green, Flycatcher Jen? Perhaps I will...perhaps I will.

    Thats a funny looking Swainson's, kinda reminds me of Veery.

    1. A SPLASH of green. A POP of color. GET IT STRAIGHT.

  3. Solid. I've idea what or where Ridgefield is, but so seem to be its boss. Way to boss Ridgefield; great shots.

  4. Great shots, love all non-birds! The dust bath is too funny! Sounds like a great mix of shorebirds too!

  5. Stellar Coyote shot!!! Wow!!! Man, I wish I got out birding half as often as you do :-) Nice work...

    Western Tanager is a good bird for Ridgefield! Was this on the River S Unit? I would expect it at the Carty Unit.

    Great birding and photography, as always.

    1. Yep, the River S. Don't usually see them past spring there... And wait, isn't your job essentially birding? I wish I got paid for it, so there!

  6. awesome wildlife shots in this post Jen and the Birds too of course...Glad you have good weather here is Scorching hot!

  7. Awesome photos and birds, Jen! I have been missing your posts and I am catching up on my blog reading. I wish I had time to visit Ridgefield, we did ride past the exit.


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