I went out to Troutdale yesterday morning to take the dogs for a walk.  The birds were loud but mostly hidden, and those crazy power lines were messing with my camera again...  For example, this would have been a nice shot of a Lazuli Bunting, but my lens vibrates wildly when beneath these power lines:

Much of the trail is not affected by the power lines, though.  I saw quite a few young Spotted Towhees in different stages of awkward (read: ugly) plumage...

Bewick's Wrens were out and about chattering away...

There were flycatchers too.  I tend to assume most are either Wood-Pewees or Willows...

Western Wood-Pewee?

This next one was the busiest bird I saw all morning...

After our walk I drove down to Swigert Road just south of the trail to see if I could find the recently reported Eastern Kingbird.  Success!

He or she was successful in catching bugs... 

But not so successful in ridding the fence of this pesky flicker...

The kingbird chased the flicker four or five times in a row until he eventually gave up and headed off to a tree farther away.  Good times!


  1. Weird that your camera does that. You should call Pro Photo and ask them to help you figure out what to do. Did you check the Delta for the Indigo Bunting? I'm going there Monday- hope it continues to hang around. Love the last photo- funny!

    1. Nope, didn't go to the delta- had the mutts and didn't want to deal with hundreds more of em. Sounds like it's an easy find though- what time you going on Monday?

    2. We are planning to get out there at 9am- should we look for you?

  2. Great birds, Jen! I would love to see the Lazuli in Troutdale. Love the Flicker and Kingbird shot.

  3. Awesome shots....I can see the Lazuli in that shot! Cute little towhee juve, and wth that E.kingbird is way outta his territory, great find....IVE Never been able to get a decent photo of a Flicker...thats a real cute one.

  4. Good grief that Spotted Towhee reminds me of that sniveling Grima Wormtongue character from the Lord of the Rings movies.

    Eastern Kingbirds are totes dope birds yo. Super mad props for photo shots J

  5. Nice Kingbird on the fence! I believe all of your flycatchers are Pewees due to their lack of eye-ring and seemingly very long primary projections.

    Nice outing :-)

  6. Visiting from NW Nature Notes... Hello from another Pac NW blogger! I visit this area in Troutdale often. Great bird photos!

    Hope you can stop by and say hello at my blog!
    "Like" Hood Photography on Facebook!


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