Accipiter brain pain.

I was all ready to post about a couple recent birding outings, but when I got home from Broughton Beach today there was a bit of yard action.  I heard crows making a ruckus so I peeked out the front window just in time to see a Red-tailed Hawk cruise right over the front yard pursued by a few crows.  He landed out of sight to the east in my neighbor's tree.  Then as I was watching some flickers another hawk, an accipiter, came flying from the west.  He cruised over my yard, looped back around, and flew back across the yard and eventually south. 

I grabbed my camera in the middle of this and took some quick shots.  The first few made the tail look quite squarish, making me think Sharp-shinned.  Later shots made the tail look rounded and the head bigger.  Argh.  Help me.

Please help, my brain hurts.