New house.

As some of you know I moved into a new house last week.  I've only spent three nights there so far but I have already discovered all kinds of treasures and counted over 20 bird species.  As for treasures, the previous owners left some weird stuff...

                      Ugly seahorse screwed into a bathroom cabinet (there were two)
                       Ugly light fixture

In the backyard is an ugly old shed that I had to break into.  The inside looked like this:

In one of the random boxes were these old gems:

 3 ounces of Hires root beer concentrate (makes 5 gallons), still in the bottle, still smells like root beer

 Old iron, old bottles, old scale

There is tons more crap I'm not showing you.  I don't mind really, I like weird old crap.

Now for the birds- I updated the yard bird list up top of the page so you can check out everything I've been seeing.  It's pretty awesome.  Today I sat out in the yard with the dogs and just watched all the birds flying around.  Speaking of the dogs, they are stoked on the new yard...

Ok, now the birds for reals...

Pine Siskins

 Yellow-rumped Warbler

 American Robin

And my favorite yard bird so far: a Red-breasted Sapsucker...

I'm hoping to have more time to watch the feeders soon, but this week is looking like a busy one.  Oh, one last thing about my house- I realized I can see Mt Hood from the front yard!  It's been too cloudy to determine if I can see Mt St Helens from the backyard yet, but I'm hopeful...

One last thing: anyone know what kind of tree this is?  I am thinking it's in the willow family and it makes tons of red berries that the birds and mutts both love.

Good times!!


  1. Mountain Ash! I have that in the front yard and its a great bird tree. I'm so happy to see the yard birds post FINALLY :) YR Warbler is a great one- I haven't seen one for months. So some root beer brewing is in your future? That's cooler than the homeless camp I had to clean out of my garage in NoPo when I purchased it. Pot pipe and all.

    1. Ooh awesome on the tree ID! Hopefully the berries aren't bad for the dogs because they love them.

  2. Hi Jen, Congrats again on your new house. I am sure the dogs are loving their new yard. Looks like you have had a nice start to a new yard list. The Sapsucker and warbler are both great yardbirds. I love your dogs, great photos!

  3. "Ugly" on the seahorse and light fixtures? What? They're super cool!

    Anyhow, is that a Myrtle or Audubon's for the yard list? Yes, this is a test ;-)

    1. Audubon's! (I noted that in my official "Yard List" up top)

      I will gladly dig the seahorses out of the trash for you, and when I take down the light fixture it's all yours.

  4. Sapsucker is an awesome yard bird! I bet some hipster would love that light fixture. Probably the rusty stuff too. When we moved into our house, we quickly removed the stainless steel toilet seat (!) and polyester lace curtains. People are so weird.

    1. Stainless steel toilet seat! Weird! Yeah the light fixture would be less annoying if it didn't hang so low. Working on removing it!

  5. I like the retro light fixture! ITS "groovy" lol
    HEY The back yard is awesomeeeeeee...lots of room for the guys and a great secure fence to them safe!! The bird list so far is very impressive! Our dark eyed juncos arrived this past weekend, and the red breasted nuthatches are still coming to the feeders. Cant wait to see more of your "found" treasures!

    1. Oh I find new stuff every day! Now that I have internet (as of 10 minutes ago) I will be sure to post some more crap for ya!

  6. Love the new yard, the Sapucker is great! I actually liked those Seahorse thingies (no, don't dig them out of the trash). I think it's cool to move into a place with treasures :o) Have fun!

  7. that milk bottle is a babyface creamtop and depending on local interst is a very valuable bottle i would definitely keep that in a safe spot and the hires root beer box is very cool always enjoy your birds thanks for posting


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