Recent stuff.

So I have learned what it means to buy a house:  you fix one thing and another thing breaks.  I get my car fixed, my heat breaks.  I fix my heat, my internet disappears.  I fix my internet and my car breaks again.  At this moment I have everything working but by the end of the day I'm sure the basement will be flooded.  Ok and technically the car is not fixed- the mechanics couldn't figure it out and I ended up buying a new (to me) car. 

It's not all bad- I got a couple new yard birds this week including this bad-ass:

Whaddaya mean you don't know what the heck that is?  Obviously it's a Merlin being dethroned by a crow... Only my second Merlin and it was zipping around my yard! 

I also had some new American Goldfinches on my nyjer, but they are not as exciting.  On Monday morning I took the dogs for a walk at Broughton Beach...

A Tufted Duck has once again shown up on the Columbia with hundreds of scaup, purely to mock me mercilessly.  I did my best to hold my binoculars steady in the crazy wind, with two leashes tucked under my feet, to try to find that fancy bastard.  No dice.  Another case where a scope would be helpful but now I am WAY too poor to even think about that. 

Instead I shall present to you this gull (um... dark eye, black primaries, pink legs... Western hybrid?)  snacking on some kind of fishy thing:

After Broughton Beach I went over to Force Lake where there wasn't much going on.  About ten Common Mergansers were the only flashy watefowl...

Yesterday morning I took the dogs out to Powell Butte in hopes of bagging a Northern Shrike.  The weather was uncooperative and we didn't see much at all- I think I had less than 10 species.  But it was pretty at times despite the sideways pellet rain and the 30 mph wind gusts...

So nothing much exciting this week, but that will all change this weekend when I head to the coast to find myself a couple of Snowy Owls and maybe even some White-tailed Kites.  Who knows, things could get wild.  Good times!!