Yard birds.

I've managed to steal a few minutes here and there the last few mornings to check out who is visiting my feeders.  Nothing new or rare, but since I haven't gone birding in a bit, it's all I have to share...

The Pine Siskins are my best customers.  They love the nyjer-filled stocking- I've counted at least ten at a time on there.

I've had a decent variety of sparrows daily too, though no White-throateds yet. 

Spotted Towhee

 Golden-crowned Sparrow

 White-crowned Sparrow

 Dark-eyed Junco

Between the berries on my ash tree and the apple trees next door, there is no shortage of starlings, scrub-jays, crows, and robins.  I swear I heard a Varied Thrush one morning but no visual proof yet.  Hopefully I will get out birding this afternoon or tomorrow so I will have something more interesting to share!