I am sure you are all just frantic with worry after a week of no blog posts from me, trying to calm your nerves with cup after cup of rummy nogs and whatnot. Don't fret, I am busy collecting lifers and torturing family members in freezing weather in New England. I will be back quite soon and have lots to share with you. Till then be soothed with these Mute Swans...


  1. Beautiful Swans! Hope you have a Happy New Year full of lots of new birds:)

  2. Nice angles there Jen? Did you get cold and wet?

    I'm in Pennsylvania for the next week going after my eastern U.S. birds too. The chase is on!

  3. Jen, pretty shots of the swans. Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas holidays! I wish you all the best in 2013, Happy New Years!

  4. awesome perspective on that second shot of the SWANS...ITS cold over here eh? Ive been freezing my buns between the rain and wind storms...Happy New YR!

  5. Lovely shots! I look forward to seeing what you've been gathering. :o)


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