More from Fort Stevens SP.

As I mentioned in my last Snowy Owl-filled post, I decided to stick around Fort Stevens because the weather was surprisingly nice.  After the jetty I drove up to the Columbia River parking area and walked the dogs around the beach.  Right away a Red-throated Loon popped out of the water:

I took a photo of jellyfish only to find when I got home that my lens cap photobombed the shot.

There were some Sanderlings and Dunlin scattered along the shoreline but I'm not certain what birds made up this swarm I saw...

Next we headed to Coffenbury Lake to hike one of the nice woodsy trails around the lake.  It was pouring when we arrived but after waiting a few minutes it stopped completely and the sun came out yet again.

 The trees were filled with Steller's Jays, kinglets, and chickadees, while the lake was filled with Ring-necked Ducks, Bufflehead, and Hooded Mergansers...

Back to the trees, a squirrel was chattering away arousing the curiosity of the mutts.  I told him to be quiet and the dogs would not eat him.  He listened. 

Nearby a Pacific Wren was also chattering but I did not tell him to be quiet.

There were lots of mushrooms around that I am guessing Michele would have liked:

 A couple times during our walk I would hear flocks of small birds overhead, unsure of what they were.  Just as we were making our way back to the car I realized they had been Red Crossbills:

I was driving away from the lake down the park road towards the exit when I saw something on the side of the road that looked like a bird- indeed it was a young Peregrine with what I thought was a fresh kill:

I gave the Peregrine as wide a berth as possible on the road but unfortunately spooked it anyway...

So like I said, I had thought it was a fresh kill.  Turns out, this Ring-necked Duck was still kickin.

He hobbled up onto the grass while I watched.  After a minute or so I figured I was preventing the falcon from returning and I did not want to watch this bird suffer anymore, so I took off.  I really hope the falcon (or another animal) came back to finish the job. 

Good times!!


  1. Woah!
    I've never seen something like this on the blogosphere before. That scene with the Falcon is intense.

    Your microscope shot of the jellyfish is neat too, and your Red-throated Loon qualifies as 'pretty friggin awesome'.

    1. Intense for sure! If I was a nail-biter I would have been biting my nails.

  2. Quite the twist at the end there. I always get a little disturbed when an animal's "dinner" isn't quite dead yet. Herons swallowing live voles being another example.

  3. Another great outing, Jen! Awesome shots of the Peregrine, I hope the duck did not suffer for long.

  4. Timing is everything! Great photos as always!

  5. Why yes I do like those mushrooms! The bright red are my fave. That poor duck! Cool to see though.

    1. They are pretty for sure- now read up so you can tell me what they are!

  6. Replies
    1. Seriously heavy. Thanks for the scope tip too- I am hoping I'll be able to get one soon...

  7. awww damn, that would upset me like crazy! I hope somehow he managed to survive..
    YEAH on the loon! All your birdy shots today were super..Never had the pleasure of seeing a Kodos on that one too!!
    LOVE that shot of your pups....they look so cute!


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