Ridgefield NWR.

Yesterday was my last day of work for the year!  And the afternoon was dry!  Kind of.  I went up to Ridgefield to enjoy it and celebrate the end of the world.  Nothing too exciting going on, what with it being winter and getting dark out at 3:30...

Herons, egrets, and nutria were all out and about looking for snacks.

Plenty of Red-tailed Hawks around- I average about 8 per visit, along with one or two Red-shouldereds.  Still no Rough-leggeds.

There was another hawk yesterday...

I am leaning towards Cooper's because the streaks seem kind of think and the legs aren't all long and skinny lookin.  Eh?  Crap photo I know.

The "best" bird of the afternoon was a lone out of season Tree Swallow cruising one of the ponds...

Pretty random.  It was an alright afternoon... Hopefully with a week off from work I can scrounge up some more good birds to share with y'all. 

Happy holidays!


  1. Love the dogs! When I went to Ridgefield a few weeks ago there was a Red-tail in every tree. That place must be full of tasty rodents.

  2. Always nice to have off work! Looks like a great birding outing. Love the hawk shots and your dogs look so cute. I guess they are getting something special from Santa? Happy Birding and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

  3. I think a lot of people were ready for the world to end, they seemed kinda disappointed..lol
    HAHA your boys are all LITE UP! Cute. Excellent shot of the redtail and the Great Egret.
    Hope you have a wonderful Holiday, congrats on being off...I have to work Thurs n Friday...BUT the boss let us go early yesterday so that was COOL.

  4. Jake and Ralph look tortured. Poor doggies. Have a wonderful vacation!

  5. Definitely a Coop with the thin, crisp streaks and rounded tail.

    Nice Christmas doggie pic! Happy Holidays, Jen and all!


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