Sauvie Island.

Yesterday morning I could see the sky lightening over Mount Hood from my window and thought it would be a good day to visit Sauvie Island.  I caught the sun rising as I passed the St. Johns Bridge...

I took a quick drive down Oak Island Road but didn't find anything too exciting... Some Sandhill Cranes wandering around:

A robin was taking a drink at the end of the road...

Nearby was a little gazebo thing with chickadees and sparrows fluttering around inside...

From there I headed to Rentenaar Road where the Harris's Sparrow has returned for the third (I think) winter in a row...

I sat and waited for the sparrow to appear.  I remembered from the last couple years that he was usually the last to the sparrow party, but if patient he will pop out eventually.  So I watched this House Finch noshing on berries...

I spotted a young White-crowned Sparrow that appeared to be missing a left foot (is this better than having two left feet?).

Finally the star of the sparrow show arrived...

Such a good-lookin sparrow!!  That was about it for the morning, unfortunately had to go to work.  Good times!!


  1. Nice sunrise! That sparrow is striking!

  2. Pretty sky capture, Jen! The Harris Sparrow is a handsome bird. Great shots. Happy birding!

  3. Great looking Harris's that handicapped bird seems to be doing quite well in spite!
    CRANES not exciting...I want to see one soooooo bad!
    I really like the sunrise pic.

  4. Great way to start the day! The view of the sunrise behind the spectacular bridge is beautiful! Glad the Harris Sparrow made an appearance!


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