Welcome to Oregon.

Hope you brought your raincoat.  Hard to believe the weekend started Saturday morning looking like this:

My plan was to finally drive to Tillamook to score a couple of lifers.  Unfortunately by the time I made it to Killin Wetlands the rain had turned to snow...

So, I turned around.  My car is not exactly ready for snow.  When I got home my friend sent me a message asking if I knew where to find a cool birdhouse for his mom for Christmas.  Ooh, the Backyard Bird Shop of course!  I ended up buying a new feeder made of recycled materials that looks much easier to clean than the one I have been using.  My first visitor:

Sunday morning I took the dogs to the dike trail out in Troutdale for a wet walk.  Birds were scarce but we did see a deer and a coyote.  Pretty cool.

Downy Woodpecker

 Sunday afternoon I convinced my friend to join me on a soggy mission to Sauvie Island to track down an owl in what can only be described as a murder barn.  Never found it, but was psyched to see a field of Snow Geese...

And a deer...

This morning the wet weather continued as I headed up to Vancouver.  I spent about an hour at the end of Lower River Road watching birds on what is technically part of Ridgefield NWR.  I was pretty happy to finally find a Rough-legged Hawk (first of season for me)...

 There were a few egrets in the field, one of whom began creeping up on a kestrel.  The kestrel had just caught a snack and I was hoping the egret would try to steal it or do something else interesting...

Nope.  The egret flew away after about five minutes of creeping.  The field also had a flock of meadowlarks occasionally showing themselves... See one?


It's crazy how well that bright yellow can hide in florescent green grass.  And lastly, a Sandhill Crane falling from the sky...

Yup.  It's wet here.  Good times!


  1. Hey, nice looking feeder! But watch out, squirrels can chew on that recycled plastic (which surprises people). Damn it was wet this weekend. Love the pretty meadowlark.

    1. Damn squirrels, oh well, they never chewed on my wooden one so hopefully they won't mess with this one too much.

  2. Maybe it's good that you didn't find the "murder barn." Sounds creepy. I love the crane shot!

    1. Ha, well I worded that weirdly- we found the barn just not the bird. Spent about an hour wondering if we were in the opening scene of a horror (or zombie) movie.

  3. I like the feeder, figures the squirrel is the first to find your new feeder. I hope the birds get a chance. Love the photos, especially the pretty meadowlark. Happy Birding!

  4. OH Those damned squirrels will destroy and conquer! They are very well organized here, there is the General, the Lt. the Sarge and an entire forest of Privates!! They send out their scouts and within minutes they can devour and empty a SQUIRREL Proof feeder here in my yard...best of luck with your feeder..
    BOY that snow looks cold...
    Great looking deer she looks like she is carrying young..
    Love the meadowlark, and the Crane too those long dangly legs -----awesome!


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