Broughton Beach/Whitaker Ponds

Yesterday afternoon was chilly but absolutely gorgeous out.  I had thought about going up to Ridgefield but it was definitely not a day to waste sitting in the car.  So I took the dogs to Broughton Beach for a nice long walk.

The river was littered with scaup, Western and Horned Grebes, and about a dozen Common Goldeneyes...

There was a kestrel perched in the blackberry bushes along the river...

Now I'm going to admit something- I'm not very good at distinguishing Lesser and Greater Scaup.  They confuse the hell out of me.  Sometimes when I see a bunch together I can figure it out, but not always.  I'm going to post this next photo and call them Greaters because of their rounded heads but please tell me if I'm wrong:

Ok and one other bird that confuses me:  a gull in flight.  This one I am guessing to be Glaucous-winged but again, let me know if I'm wrong...

Anyway, it was great walk with a lovely sunset...

This afternoon I went over to Whitaker Ponds to take a quick walk around and add some birds to my year list.  It was freezing out but after my first trip around yielded zero woodpeckers I decided a second trip was in order.  And ooh was it a good trip... As I came out of the trees near the eastern pond I noticed some geese on the grass.  A white one stood out immediately.

Ross's Goose!! 

I was stoked.  Unfortunately after getting the word out about the bird the entire flock flushed and disappeared to the west.  About ten minutes later half the flock came back but not the Ross's. 

Not much else exciting at the ponds- couldn't even find the Black Phoebe.  But this little kinglet did its best to entertain me...

Between the Ross's Goose and the shrike I am starting to fear all of my luck for 2013 is being used up in the first two weeks..  Say it ain't so! 


  1. IT aint so! Awesome that you saw the Ross! I really like that Goldeneye shot and the kinglet too! Have you seen that movie the Big Year? If not you gotta see it.

  2. You are a bird magnet. There is more luck I'm sure. Cute lil' Kinglet.

  3. Great birds and congrats on your Ross's Goose. Love the goldeneye and the cute kinglet. Happy Birding, Jen!

  4. That second shot is awesome! Looks like such a pretty day! I'm not to good with any Lesser/Greater species...


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