The dogs and I spent yesterday afternoon wandering around some good Vancouver spots- Shillapoo, Vancouver Lake, Lower River Road, etc.  Nothing amazing happened, though I weirdly knew that a full moon was going to rise over the lake without actually having any idea where the moon was in its cycle...

The clouds to the south were looking all swirly and cozy...

Great Blue Heron

That was about it for Vancouver, but here's something gross for you:  some Mew Gulls were hanging out at the high school near me and this one has its tongue sticking out from below its bill.  Seagull Steve verified that happens sometimes and a quick google search found some similar birds.

I hate it.  Good times.


  1. Nice moon shots. Too cloudy to even see it from my vantage last night. Poor gull :( Your new photo makes a great header.

  2. Ahh Kill it with fire!!!
    That Gull is really gross, even by Gulls standards.

    Yeah, there's something about lunar cycles and women sensing them and cycles and stuff. They have a great sense for cyclical PERIODS of time. I don't know. Anyway, thanks for the verification.

  3. ahaaa wow!!! god damn that tongue thing is too much...

  4. Great moon shots, Jen! The Gull is kind of sad looking. It is amazing, the things you are able to find. Great post!

  5. Awesome landscapes shots Jen, awww that poor gull, Its a shame...But he seems to have been able to adapt...GOOD FOR HIM!:0)


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