Yesterday afternoon I was treated to fantastic views of an Anna's Hummingbird family.  One young bird had fledged that morning and another was still in the nest.  Mom was zipping around, stopping by to feed several times while I was there. 

The fledged bird:

The bird still in the nest:

Mom feeding the fledgeling...

And the nestling...

And finally, Mom taking a rest...

Pretty cute stuff.  Too cute you might suggest.  So here's a snake:

Many thanks are owed to Rhett and Scott Carpenter!  Good times!


  1. Thank goodness you balanced all that mushy crap out with a snake. Last year I got to see a fledgling at Whitaker being fed. So neat!

  2. Cool Garter Snake. The Hummingbirds are fine too.

  3. Why do you have hummers yr round? Our Ruby Throateds wont arrive for a while and they will be gone again come OCT...
    Great shots of mom and Babe..and a cute snake too!!!

  4. Wow, they are adorable, Jen! Love the Hummers and the cute shot of momma and the fledgling. I hope the snake was not close to the hummers. Awesome photos. Happy easter!


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