Dog walking & migration madness

My alarm has gone off at 5 a.m. every day this week to cram in as much birding as possible before work.  It's been rough, but always ridiculously rewarding.  Besides the two mornings at Tabor, I've been walking the dogs to various spots like Broughton Beach (11 miles round trip) and Mason Wetlands (7 miles round trip).  My motorless list is growing and if anyone can help ID a coupla peeps I might be at 100 for the year.

Here are the highlights from the week...

FOY goslings, Mason Wetlands

FOY Cinnamon Teals, Mason Wetlands

Rufous Hummingbird, Mason Wetlands

Audubon's Warbler, near Airport Way

Bewick's Wren, near Airport Way 


Prettiness near Broughton Beach

The most random bird of the week was this Yellow-headed Blackbird that descended upon Broughton Beach with a pair of Brewer's Blackbirds:

Also at Broughton Beach I had a couple of sandpipers fly by.  The legs are yellowy which makes me assume Least, but is that true?

The parking lot at Broughton Beach is closed so that seriously cuts down on traffic.  Zero other dogs were around and Jake got to run around a bit off leash.

Also near Broughton Beach at the Sea Scout Base were several kinds of swallows including Purple Martins.  Three were new for my motorless list.

From this morning's dog walk:


Lazy bum

Wilson's Warbler (they appeared yesterday in my neighborhood)

Nashville Warbler (sooooo stoked to have this on my motorless list!)

Orange-crowned Warbler

The last few birds were at some weird wetlands kind of behind a McDonalds on Aiport Way.  I had noticed the spot awhile back and thought it might have potential.  Good job, me.  Good times!!


  1. You are such a morning person! Looks like it paid some great dividends.

  2. So you take an 11-mile dog walk before work? I bow to your devotion and endurance.

  3. Seriously? 11 miles before work? You are crazy. Jealous of all the cool birds though!

  4. I love when hunches lead to new spots. Correct on the Leasts, just going by shape (bill, and overall). Yellow legs clinch it though.

    And to continue with the morning thing...I will only hike 11 miles for money. Not joking. Last time I walked that much while not on the job, I can't even remember.

  5. I am also amazed at the 11 mile walk before work. I love all the birds, the warblers are great. My favorite shot is of Jake running. Happy Birding!

  6. I have to join the crowd and say 11 miles before work is quite impressive! The prettiness picture is quite pretty! Sweet shot of your pup as well; love that face!


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