Mt. Tabor again!

Yep, I went up to Mount Tabor again this morning.  This time things were bananas.  I was the only birder there most of the time, the only other was a fellow who stayed in one spot for about half an hour and then disappeared.  Perhaps eaten by warblers.  Who knows.

Things started with a Townsend's and a couple Black-throated Grays...

It was cool, mellow even, but then...things just exploded out of nowhere and there were warblers materializing out of thin air.  Being the only one paying attention I started to get anxious that I would miss something important, I wanted to lie down, I was panicking.  Warbler overload!  Then I remembered that this was the kind of thing I dreamt of all winter long, and I relaxed... And enjoyed the frenzy.

Much of the time it seemed that Nashville Warblers were taking over...

I had never seen so many in one place.  Orange-crowneds were making a strong showing as well..

A Hermit Warbler appeared and disappeared quickly, only allowing for a couple of crappy photos...

What's missing?  Oh right, a mystery empid...

Totally mocking me

It was an awesome morning, even though I kept feeling like I should call for back up.  Or start grabbing joggers and converting them into temporary birders.  I have to wonder what I missed...

Good times!


  1. Oh hell yeah! Great job sorting them out!

  2. Jen, sounds like a fun time. Like being in warbler heaven. Glad you were there to witness the fallout. Have a great weekend and happy birding!

  3. Oh no! Not Warbler Overload! Looks like too much fun for one birder. Where the heck was everyone? This post could almost lure me to Tabor.

  4. Wow! So sorry I missed that, especially the Hermit.

  5. That flycatcher looks like it has a Willow's faint eye ring. I'm eagerly awaiting my first outdoor empid test of the year.

  6. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmigration. Love it.

    I like Hammond's for that flycatcher by structure. The face pattern is weird but its definitely Hammond's/Dusky.

  7. Great fun viewing your blog as always, Jen. Your sense of humor is awesome.


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