Mt. Tabor.

It's that time of year again... time for terrible warbler photos and mystery birds.  Thankfully I saw zero empids today so you are spared true brain pain.  As for warblers, I had a couple Black-throated Grays, an Orange-crowned, and lotsa Yellow-rumpeds.

Orange-crowned Warbler

 A sapsucker joined the warbler party in one of the most-birded big leaf maple trees in town...

 A Lesser Goldfinch hit up the local watering hole...

And now this damn bird that I followed around for awhile because it seemed super grey.  But I think it's just a female goldfinch.  It's got that big finchy beak, stuffed with nesting materials in this photo. 

Lastly, a nice accip vs. crow shot. 

 Good times!