Mt. Tabor.

It's that time of year again... time for terrible warbler photos and mystery birds.  Thankfully I saw zero empids today so you are spared true brain pain.  As for warblers, I had a couple Black-throated Grays, an Orange-crowned, and lotsa Yellow-rumpeds.

Orange-crowned Warbler

 A sapsucker joined the warbler party in one of the most-birded big leaf maple trees in town...

 A Lesser Goldfinch hit up the local watering hole...

And now this damn bird that I followed around for awhile because it seemed super grey.  But I think it's just a female goldfinch.  It's got that big finchy beak, stuffed with nesting materials in this photo. 

Lastly, a nice accip vs. crow shot. 

 Good times!


  1. If you were there today we just missed you! mark and chipper and I did a loop and saw similar birds to yours. Best bird was a cooperative Pacific Wren singing in the sunshine while waggling his wee tail. Talk about cute!

  2. Neat shots, espeicalllllly that Sapsucker.

    I'll vote Goldfinch on that bird too.

  3. Hi Jen, Love the Sapsucker shot and the cute shot of the finch at the water fountain. I would agree with the Goldfinch id! Happy Birding!

  4. YES that sapsucker shot is terrific!!! I got all excited over a blue-gray gnatcatcher in the yard yesterday! CUTE To see that Goldfinch in the water fountain...hahaha

  5. Love the sunshine on the sapsucker! Yea for Warbler Season!


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