Osprey and other morning birds...

This is my new favorite Osprey:

Know why?  Because I took this photo from my front yard.  Winning!

More good stuff from this morning's dog walk:

Mourning Dove

Mom with youngin Great Horned Owl

Young Great Horned Owl

 Papa Owl

Good times!!


  1. That young owl looks bigger than its mama! SO cool that you can watch the nesting Ospreys from home. A pair of Ospreys built a nest across the street from my house and its fun to watch them in action. The nest is 2 years old and has yet to see chicks; I have my fingers crossed that we will see some soon!

  2. I love the owls! I haven't found any young ones this year and I miss them.

  3. Great shots of the owls! Nice that they are so close.

  4. I like the new header and blog look. So cool that you got to see the young owls. Osprey is a good yard bird!

  5. HI JEN!! Love the new look of your blog, and that header is awesome, what a shot! The azalea is awesome! I dont know if I spelled that right some words just dont stick in my brain.

  6. Cool Osprey! And very nice to see them so close to your yard. Love the cute owlet and owls. The azalea is pretty and I love the train track shot. Well done! Have a happy day!


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