The coast.

Yesterday I hit up a number of spots on the coast from Tillamook to Nehalem including Bayocean Spit, Barview Jetty, Bay City Oysters, Bay City Sewage Ponds, and Nehalem Sewage Ponds.  Here's what I found...

Rufous Hummingbird & Orange-crowned Warbler, Bayocean Spit

 Semipalmated Plover, Bayocean Spit

Purple Finch, Bayocean Spit

Turkey Vulture & Ravens, Goodspeed Road

Greater White-fronted Geese, Snow Geese, and Cackling Geese, Tideland Road, Nehalem

I had never been to the Nehalem Sewage Ponds before so this sign amused me:

The lock on the door was less amusing, but thankfully a guy working there came over and offered to unlock it for me.  The ponds had some good birds...

Eared Grebe

 Least Sandpiper


The real highlight for me was an obliging Red-necked Phalarope.  I can't remember ever seeing one in breeding plumage, let alone fairly close up.

 Bay City Sewage Ponds had some more Red-necked Phalaropes, but pretty distant, and my first ducklings of the year...

 A fun day of birding with a couple of tired dogs...

Good times!!


  1. Jen, what a great day. Neat capture of the hummer and warbler. And the red-necked phalarope is awesome. Wonderful sightings and photos!

  2. Crikey, that Red-necked Phalarope is gorgeous!

    Sweet shots Jen, neat spots.

  3. Wow, that Red-necked Phalarope is stunning! Nice find!!

  4. Your action shots of Jake are always amusing. Looks like a fun trip and you saw a lot of cool birds. When I visited the Nehalem Sewage Ponds it was summer and there was nothing. I found the gate locked too, but someone came and opened it right away.

  5. THat Phalarope is awesome!!!! They go all the way to Alaska too...I imagine its not that far from you to Alaska? Hey question, your black dog Ralph? Do you clip him? My Flossie is almost his twin, and she has these really bushy "bustles" I call it, at the back of her rear legs, its gets so thick....I had use the clippers and shave most of it off she was getting tangles!! LOVE that shot of Jake jumping he reminds me of my Annie..she is the Athletic one of my two. NEXT weekend we're going on a waterfall hike.


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