I acquired three new motorless birds today, two without leaving home!  This morning while weeding I noticed some strong winds and hoped something cool might blow in.  It began raining so I was putting some stuff away when I heard a raven calling.  I ran across the yard to watch it call again, with several crows in pursuit.  Rad!  Then about an hour later I returned from running errands and found a couple of bright male American Goldfinches on the feeders:

Hadn't seen these guys in the yard since I first moved in, so that was cool.  It's been quite a finch fest the last few days with Pine Siskins returning on Friday, House Finch numbers have increased, and Lesser Goldfinches are still making a strong showing.  Come on crossbills, you know you want to come over! 

 Lesser Goldfinches

 Lesser Goldfinch, House Purple Finch

Pine Siskin

I took the dogs for a walk this afternoon up to the river so look for a couple recently reported birds, including an Eared Grebe.  Never saw one, only a Horned Grebe almost completely changed into breeding colors.

The real target bird was an old nemesis of mine, the Tufted Duck.  Not so much a nemesis anymore, but still always a challenge.  I walked along the river checking all the mini scaup flocks I found.  Eventually I saw a bird from behind that seemed to be having a bad hair day.  Hell yeah...

Felt pretty good to add this bird to my motorless list!  Even the walk home in the rain and hail storm didn't dampen my spirits.  Yeah, I said it.

Good times!!


  1. Such powers you have, to inspire serious envy and jealousy in other people, hundreds of miles away, simply by walking along the river near your house.

    Tip o' the Tuft to you Big Bins Jen.

  2. Your female "House Finch" is a Purple instead: note buffy and prominent eyebrow. Sorry for short comment but got to run!

    1. Crap. You appear to be right. That deceptive bugger was rolling with two male House Finches and I didn't even pay attention to it, but I liked the goldfinch flying next to it in the photo. Thanks- you just gave me a new motorless and yard bird :)

  3. SO delightful. I love the shot of the bird mid-flight w/feet tucked. Too cool. This is reminding me to start some sunflower seeds so I can bring those delightful goldfinches into our yard to attack the leaves like a locust plague. =) WHO is as stylish as a tufted duck? So cool.

  4. Its interesting to me that you seem to have the same feeder bird patterns as me. I was seeing Lesser's the last month or so, then a bunch of Siskins moved in this week and now today I am looking at a couple of American Goldfinch. Twenty some miles away- same stuff happening...I'm crossing my fingers for you to get crossbills :)


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