Dog walkin.

I've been out birding quite a bit lately but I don't have a lot of photos to show for it.  Or the photos I have look like this:

Duh, it's a Yellow-breasted Chat

So this morning I decided to take the dogs for a walk and try to get some shots actually worth sharing.  I did okay.

First off, the Osprey nest near my house is always entertaining.  Today one was perched on a wire, then swooped down to the grass and grabbed something, then brought it up to the nest.  I couldn't tell what it was, but he ultimately decided he didn't need it so flew off and dropped it on the ground.  He came back a minute later with talons full of mossy grassy stuff.

I haven't seen any evidence of young ones yet but I sure have seen them, uh, working on it...  At one of the ponds I like to visit a Bald Eagle was perched on a dead tree, upsetting another Osprey and a couple of crows.

Tree Swallow bein cute and stuff

We walked up to the river where not much was going on...

The walk back home was pretty good... We came across this cute kitty that Jake desperately wanted to be friends with (friends obsessively lick each other, right?)...

The kitty looked pretty small and rather young, if anyone wants to go catch it and be its friend for real.  There are no houses around this area, only hotels and fast food, so not sure how it ended up there. 

Back along 122nd we found about half a dozen Western Tanagers flying around while Black-headed Grosbeaks serenaded them...

Good times!