Mystery bird!

On this morning's dog walk around Mason Wetlands I watched a small heron-type bird flying around in the distance.  It would fly east, then back west, at some point dive straight down, then fly back up and east till it eventually disappeared.  The three options that came to mind were Green Heron, American Bittern, and Black-crowned Night-Heron.  All are possible there. 

Looking at my photos I eliminated Night-Heron because of the bill shape/length.  What do you think?

Also, what was it doing with all the diving and whatnot?   Thoughts please!


  1. That second shot makes me think Green Heron.

  2. I was guessing some kind of duck! Happy Birding!

  3. That initial photo, before I did any reading, made me think Bittern, but the second photo indicates Green Heron with that ridge-crest, which they raise is flight a lot, especially if they're anxious (as a circling heron would indicate).
    I think the legs and tails are too short and stubby, as is the neck, for cormorant.

  4. When I saw Mystery Bird then looked at the photo I immediately thought Green Heron, cause of that stubby tail, and thick looking neck...

  5. This heron is a green one. Can't explain what it was doing though.

  6. Thanks everyone! New motorless bird for me. Still intrigued by its behavior!


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