Recent birds.

I've definitely been out birding a lot lately.  It's been ridiculously warm and sunny here, with lots of migrants passing through to drool over.  First off, here's a bird that is not a migrant, but still entertained me greatly as I laid in the yard pretending to do yard work:

This crow was preening for quite awhile before it decided to just lay down on the wires.  I don't recall ever seeing such a stellar lounge position by a crow.

This past Sunday morning I participated in another Audubon Society Birdathon with Whittemore's Whatzits at Steigerwald Lake NWR.  American Bitterns are often the most entertaining birds there and they did not disappoint us...

We saw some other good birds and turtles but I didn't get many good photos.  Lucky for you, Michele did, so go check hers out here.

Yesterday morning I birded Mount Tabor and was happy to run into Sarah and Max first thing.  I was able to see many FOY's there including Cassin's Vireo, Western Tanager, Chipping Sparrow, Lazuli Bunting, and.... a Hammond's Flycatcher.  What?  Did I really ID an empid?  Oh hell no, but they did.  No photos from yesterday worth sharing unfortunately.

This morning's dog walk was pretty fun...  The best birds were all higher elevation birds, slumming it at approximately 23 feet above sea level.

Rufous Hummingbird

 Western Tanager (new motorless bird!)

Red Crossbill (chewing its own toenail?)

Good times!!


  1. It was fun birding with you yesterday! Someday we should do that on purpose.

  2. Jen, I would like to see most of your recent. birds. The Hummer, Tanager and the Crossbill would be a treat for me. Great photos. Happy Birding!

  3. Rocked the Crossbill Jen, and your other shots are nice as well.
    That Crow must have had an almighty itch.

  4. Crossbills?! Nice. I haven't seen a tanager yet this year so I'm jealous. It was fun to see you at Birdathon.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who just so happens to bring my camera out to do yard work...the crow looks comfy. The Tanager and Crossbills would be delightful to see.


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