Frenchman's Bar.

Yesterday morning I walked the dogs along the Frenchman's Bar Trail and around the park. 

Shorebirds were abundant, but unfortunately they were not the regular kind.

American Goldfinches

 Swainson's Thrush

 White-crowned Sparrow & Crow

Also along the river, this Osprey nest was looking full...

 It wasn't just full of Osprey either- some other birds were flying in and out as well:

 I can't quite tell what kind of bird that is flying in under the nest- House Sparrow maybe?  We walked along the trail through the woods and found a couple Bullock's Oriole families.  This young one was chasing its pop around and occasionally trying to find its own food.

Also getting chased around was a chickadee by an obnoxious House Wren...


Near the beginning of the trail is a small field and across that field was this guy:

He or she was not pleased to be spotted.  We moved on down the trail to another spot that opened up to the river.  A stream of gulls was flying by...

When they reached a certain spot they stopped streaming by and started just soaring instead... It was interesting.

It didn't seem like they were still over water, but I guess that's actually Sauvie Island there, so who knows. 

Good times!!


  1. Another great outing, Jen! The water is attracting all kind of birds there! Any owl sighting is great for me, great shots! Happy birding!

  2. Now look who's spotting all the owls.

    1. There were a dozen saw-whet fledgelings lined up on a branch too, but figured no one wants to see that crap.

  3. Good times for sure Jen, Love the owl and the cute young one trying to get a seedhead. The ospry nest looks lively too! Nice to see the Pooches too. Have a great weekend.

  4. I'd never imagine that a Swainson's Thrush is sitting in the water on a beach! Was it the heat? I've seen goldfinches in the winter on our dirt road picking up salt and sand - I guess the'd do the same on a beach. Love your post and pics!

    1. Thanks- the thrush was actually taking a bath... Definitely a nice surprise!

  5. Those are some real weird shorebirds there Jen. Had I seen that to start things out, I probably would've gone home, fearing an oncoming natural disaster. Kudos to you for staying out there and getting some sweet shots.
    If I were a Great Horned Owl, I wouldn't want to be a Spotted either. HAHaha...ha...ok

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