Frenchman's Bar.

Yesterday morning I walked the dogs along the Frenchman's Bar Trail and around the park. 

Shorebirds were abundant, but unfortunately they were not the regular kind.

American Goldfinches

 Swainson's Thrush

 White-crowned Sparrow & Crow

Also along the river, this Osprey nest was looking full...

 It wasn't just full of Osprey either- some other birds were flying in and out as well:

 I can't quite tell what kind of bird that is flying in under the nest- House Sparrow maybe?  We walked along the trail through the woods and found a couple Bullock's Oriole families.  This young one was chasing its pop around and occasionally trying to find its own food.

Also getting chased around was a chickadee by an obnoxious House Wren...


Near the beginning of the trail is a small field and across that field was this guy:

He or she was not pleased to be spotted.  We moved on down the trail to another spot that opened up to the river.  A stream of gulls was flying by...

When they reached a certain spot they stopped streaming by and started just soaring instead... It was interesting.

It didn't seem like they were still over water, but I guess that's actually Sauvie Island there, so who knows. 

Good times!!