Recent birds.

I kicked off my 5-day weekend with yet another trip to Clackamas County.  I wasn't planning on working much harder on my list there but a couple people had reported American Three-toed Woodpeckers and I could not resist.  So early on the 4th I headed out to find some Americans at Summit Lake. 

I could hear a woodpecker as soon as I got out of the car, and following directions from Sarah Swanson, I easily located the nest area. 

Yay lifer!  They seemed pretty annoyed with our presence so we moved on quickly.  We hiked back through the campground and followed random trails, eventually making a big loop.  Highlights were a Barrow's Goldeneye with five ducklings on the lake and Hermit Warblers everywhere.  A couple of Pine Siskins were snacking on leftovers on one of the campsite grills. 

I stopped by Little Crater Lake on the way back...

Yesterday morning I went out to the Sandy River Delta where the day seemed to start of dark and only get darker.  Bullock's Orioles brightened things up...

Anna's Hummingbird

That's about it for the week....  I've leave you with this guy:

Good times.


  1. IM so jealous you got Friday off too? My boss must have been the only ONE who made her people work..AND Im jealous of the Three-toed...thats awesome...lovely landscapes of the lakes!!

  2. Great outing, Jen! Congrats on your Woodie lifer. Great shot too! I love the Oriole and hummer shots also. Happy Birding!

  3. Little Crater Lake looks gorgeous!

  4. Goddamn. Every post of yours leaves me drooling over birds.

  5. So glad you found it! Lifer for me too.

  6. The siskins were likely eating ashes for minerals (Audubon Encyclopedia of North American Birds). I've seen crossbills do the same at fire pits.


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