Camera-free birding.

I've been birding without my camera all week, leaving it to weep quietly on the coffee table while I rely on nothing but my phone for my photographic needs.  It's not bad really, but if there were any crazy birds around it would be a bummer.  

One morning I headed south to Browns Ferry Park to add some birds to my Clackamas County list.  I had never been there and I was pleasantly surprised- it's a charming park with a decent mix of habitats.  And this random barn...

I picked up ten birds for my county list there, not bad!  Another morning I went out to Eagle Creek to look at some dippers, not even realizing it's salmon spawning time.  The river was full of 'em, some making impressive leaps upstream over rocks, some just keeping things mellow.

In the next photo you can kind of see one jumping...

This whole area is so damn gorgeous...

The yard has been hopping with birds as well, finally had my first junco of the season yesterday.  Also had a Downy working on my sunflowers...

In other news, it's crazy stormy here and I woke to the sound of a large branch breaking off my ash tree and landing on my greenhouse.  And my neighbor's house.  UGH. 

Luckily I was able to saw off all the parts touching my neighbor's house and it didn't appear to do any damage over there.  The greenhouse will need some work if I ever get the main branch off of it.  Fun times.


  1. Ack sorry about the branch sitch! We had storm fall too but just to the fence. I have a trip to Smith and Bybee tomorrow....will any of my participants show up? Hmmmmmm.....

    1. Oh yeah I saw your post about the fence- more annoying than anything! Hope some folks braved the weather with you...

  2. Glad I don't have any trees too close to my house! I just read Laura's FB post about a down tree then saw this. Ralph looks concerned about the greenhouse damage. I hope you can find a nice guy with a chainsaw to come and get that cut up for you.

    1. Yeah, at this point I might just hang christmas lights on it and call it a day.

  3. Very pretty scenery..Sorry about your tree but I am glad the neighbors house was not damaged. Have a happy Sunday with good bird sightings.


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