We heard that yelled a few times on our Sunday pelagic trip out of Half Moon Bay, California.  With good reason:  there were a billion birds to be looking at!  Breaching humpbacks are a bit distracting but I managed to avert my eyes, mostly out of fear of Debi Shearwater.

What things looked like most of the time: grey and kind of lopsided

The 10-hour trip was freakin amazing and I racked up life birds left and right.  I wasn't always able to get photos of them, but I saw all the birds called out.  Here are some of the highlights:

Common Tern

Scripps's Murrelet and Common Murre

 Scripps's Murrelet

 Black-footed Albatross

 Black-footed Albatross

 Jaeger... I should have taken notes- is this Parasitic?  Long-tailed!

 Buller's Shearwater- I failed to get any decent photos of the awesome back pattern on this bird

Is the grey making your head hurt yet?  Craving some color?  I don't have much.  I can throw in this one seagull shot to brighten things up:

Seagull taking photos of dolphins

 Pacific white-sided dolphins- we crossed paths with a pod of at least 800 of these creatures

That's all the grey animals I have time for today... More to come soon!  Good freakin times!!