New yard bird.

I know, serious yawn.  But I don't care.  On Tuesday I looked out at the bird bath and saw a robin sharing the water with a Fox Sparrow!  Fox Sparrow was a bird I always expected to show up in my yard last winter but never did.  I was never able to track one down on my winter motorless birding trips either so it's actually both a new yard bird and a new motorless bird.  Score.

I don't know why it took me so long to buy a damn bird bath. 

American Goldfinches have been taking over.  I put out a second bird feeder (a $5 job from a thrift store) and it's usually packed with them.  

Cedar Waxwings have been daily visitors since my ash tree became filled with snacks. 

Another thing I've noticed in the yard is the Lesser Goldfinches chewing on sunflower leaves.  Huh?

Oh yeah and all these photos were taken through dirty dirty windows, sometimes at angles that make focusing impossible.  All this yard action was made possible because I have an extra dog right now, sometimes an extra extra dog, and birding elsewhere is a bit difficult.

Good times.