Broughton Beach, etc.

Yesterday morning I set out on foot to take care of exactly two tasks: walking the dogs and working on my motorless list.  We left the house at 6:15 to ensure we would reach the river by sunrise, which I was hoping would be a good one...

Not too shabby.  Our destination was Broughton Beach, a roundtrip hike of 12 miles.  Four miles in each direction were spent along the Columbia River.  I saw my first goldeneyes of the season flying by, a handful of distant scaup, and this merganser just east of the Sea Scout Base made me quite happy...

My first new motorless bird of the day, a Red-breasted Merganser!  This is not a bird I've ever seen this far inland, and certainly not in Portland.  Thanks to Number 7 for the verification.   On the rocks between me and the merganser was a lone American Pipit.

Things got a little stinky at one point...

After an hour and a half of walking we finally made it to Broughton Beach, where the gull flock was being a Greater Yellowlegs.

Out on the water I saw the Red-necked Grebe that I first saw three weeks ago, and has been around on every visit since.

I walked up the bike path to the south side of Marine Drive where thankfully the meadowlarks were right where I left them last time...

A harrier hunting the fields beyond the meadowlarks was yet another new motorless bird.  Four total for the morning!

We found a nice little crime scene just west of the Sea Scout Base- I am thinking it might be the remains of a coot...

Perhaps the work of the Peregrine that has been seen here recently by John Rakestraw.  On the walk back the wind picked up and a couple of Red-tails made for great entertainment...

This dude just soared above us for a long time, straight into the wind.  Another was soaring in circles over the river, showing off his airport wing tag, 4K.

The last piece of awesomeness on our walk was this praying mantis standing on the bike path...

Jake was not impressed with how long I spent laying on the bike path looking at this guy.

I moved him to the grass before leaving, after witnessing him almost get run over by cyclists several times.  We made it home, sore and tired, in time for lunch.  Just as I was finishing up I got a message from a friend about a Barred Owl he had just found at Oaks Bottom.  I had to run a work errand just a few minutes from there, so I headed on over.

My friend was still there so he was able to show me exactly where the bird was roosting...

This was only my second time seeing a Barred Owl, and my first time actually getting photos.  Pretty awesome. 

Snooze fest.

And that was my day.  Still sore from all that walking, but it was totally worth it.   Good times!!


  1. Exciting stuff, especially of the snoozing Owl!
    Along the beach and into the forest...I have big time Oregon envy right now.

  2. Great sunrise! I am always amazed that you can do those long walks with dogs, bins and camera. You are mulit-talented. I need to get on the message list for owl sightings.

  3. I'm envious of the great places you have as well! What a great walk! That sunrise is awesome!

  4. Wow, what a great outing Jen! The sunrise is gorgeous and an awesome start to your day. Love the cute doggie shot and the owl. Happy Birding!

  5. You are amazing...and that sunrise shot is such a Jewel omg!!! Awesome bird line up for this motorless trip---more than i've seen with my 385 horses!!

  6. Awesome photos. Good birds. How do we know that Jake isn't responsible for that crime scene?

  7. Pretty awesome pics, love the C.S.I. ones, thought I was the only person that likes posting things like that. Your one up on me with the Barred Owl sighting. Lucky you.


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