The weekend.

It's been a good weekend.  Yesterday morning began with another boring sunrise...

I walked the dogs all the way to the Sea Scout Base in hopes of finding some good birds.  Success.  A small flock of scaup there held a lone White-winged Scoter!

I think that was only my second time seeing one in the county.  Pretty cool, especially for a motorless bird!  A harrier came by while I was scanning...

Lots of Common Goldeneyes along the river but no Barrow's that I could find.   No loons either- haven't had any on the Columbia yet this fall, though others have.

This afternoon I went out to Steigerwald Lake NWR to hunt for owls with a friend.  We failed to find any Short-eareds, but had some great success with Barns.  Two in fact.  Neither wanted anything to do with us.

 Little human feet

Also around were lots of meadowlarks, a couple of Bald Eagles, oodles of harriers, a kestrel, and lots of people.

Good times!!


  1. Very nice. How long did it take for the Barn Owls to fly once they saw you, and from what distance?

    Cool shots in the barn!

  2. Nice! I want to get out there, but time and the wind is discouraging. Went back to Jackson Bottom to look for the shrike and failed. Boo hoo.

  3. Pretty sunrise! And I love the Harrier in flight and the cool Barn Owl! Great sightings! Have a happy week!

  4. that was a sweet outing!!! Love the barn owl---I'll have to check out that facebook page for sure.


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