Broughton Beach/Ridgefield NWR.

The last couple days have been a bit warmer finally, above freezing even.  Yesterday morning I celebrated the lack of black ice on the roads by hitting up Broughton Beach at sunrise...

Not much going on there...  On the walk back to the car along the bike path one heron stood out among the others...

Sweet mohawk.  This spot is often riddled with red-taileds...

This afternoon after work I headed up to Ridgefield where I met up with my friend for some birding and poking of dead stuff.  Coots were out ice skating, and possibly eating the leftovers of one of their own...

Nutria were abundant to say the least.  Along the trail to the blind were some remains of one, including a foot and a tail... The best parts of the nutria!

Note the one toenail remaining on the foot.  Nutria are freakin gross.  They are ugly and weird-looking and don't get me started on the albino monstrosities.  But watch me redeem them in one quick photo:

EEEEK!!! Baby nutria for the win!  Everything is okay.

Towards the end of the auto tour my friend pulled over to look at some swans out his side of the car.  On my side?  Oh just an egret flew in and landed outside my window, and proceeded to snatch up a little garter snake. 

The egret dropped the snake a couple times and picked it back up before eventually dropping it for good and walking away.  Not sure why.

This egret very much wanted to be my friend.

Or murder me.  Fine line.

That was about it...  Good times!!


  1. You throw those nutria parts in a pot of boiling water, and baby, you've got yourself a stew!

  2. That egret looks like a creepy one. Good thing you stayed in the car.

  3. Great outing, Jen! A pretty sunrise and I love the egret with the snake shots. Happy Birding!

  4. omg, I LOVE that shot of the egret trying to hypmotize you. SO cool & looks SO strange to me at that angle.

    & have to say I'm glad the little snake got away. I'm wondering if it pooped on itself. Common response to being harassed. Pretty effective appetite suppressant: mouth full of poop (pardon). =)

  5. That Egret was definitely ready to get Jurassic Park and y'alls collective ass. It must've dropped the snake in interest of bigger prey.

    Sweet shots. I don't care for nutria, but for something that is a staple food of many predators, it's got a great name.


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