Cape Cod Beaches (Part 2)

Let's skip right ahead to my favorite bird of my trip: the Purple Sandpiper.  A bird I had tried for on all of my previous Cape Cod trips.  Finally!  Life bird #1 for 2014:

This fellow was foraging along the shoreline and jetty at Dowses Beach with lots of buddies- more Purples, Sanderlings, Ruddy Turnstones, and Dunlin.  It was pretty awesome.

Yes.  That was a good time.  That afternoon I visited West Dennis Beach with my parents to fulfill my promise to my mom that she would see a Snowy Owl during my visit.  Thankfully a small gathering of people already had one in their scope when we arrived.

Rad.  The next morning my dad and I ventured out to Fort Hill in Eastham.  The best birds for me were a couple of American Tree Sparrows and an American Bittern. 

On the way home we stopped by the Chatham Lighthouse beach for some trudging in the sand.

We came across a large flock of Snow Buntings who of course took off...

And that was about it from the beaches of Cape Cod.  Still more to come from my trip.  Good times!!!


  1. Great birds! Nice mini horseshoe crab, too. I would love to see a purple sandpiper and that many Snow Buntings at once.

  2. Great shots!!! I just posted my 1st Purple Sandpiper find as well:) Great shots of the Snowy; awesome bird!

  3. I second Laura. Great photos! And some nice lookin' shorebirds. Although that Snowy Owl isn't too shabby either.

  4. Wow, a lot of my favorites! The Purple Sandpiper, Snow Bunting and the Snowy Owl are all gorgeous. Great post, happy birding!

  5. Great birds, Jen! Congrats on the lifer and nice job on the Snowy Owl!

  6. Very cool. I envy your Buntings and Snow Owl, very much so.

  7. Super bird and congrats on the color purple!!! AND the snowy owl of course a magnificent bird!! More please!


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