Eagle Creek.

This is the view from the parking area at the Eagle Creek Overlook.  That's the Bonneville Dam in the distance, next to Beacon Rock.  I can easily lose hours just wandering this area, which is exactly what I did yesterday with the dogs. 

Common Raven
The overlook itself can feel a bit spooky in the winter but I've never run into anyone there, let alone anyone sketchy.  It's just trees, views, birds, and moss. 

Steller's Jay

From the overlook I like to walk along the creek up the road, past the fish hatchery to look for dippers. 

Yesterday there was one singing its heart out in the middle of the creek, occasionally taking breaks to swim and poop. 

Dipper defecation!

After checking out the creek I walked the dogs up to the campground area, currently closed for the winter.  A Hairy Woodpecker was one of my first finds...

She was sharing the area with a handful of Varied Thrushes...

While wandering the campground I looked up to see over a dozen swallows swirling around.  Not my first ones of the year, but still cool.  Also, this was looking like it needed to be photographed.

Of course the mutts also needed to be photographed.  On a giant stump.  In a magnificently mossy picnic site. 

It was a very pleasant wander around the area, especially when the sounds of the rushing creek drown out the highway noise.  Good times!!