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Lately I've been spending most of my birding time focusing on my motorless list, but this week the weather got a little chilly/rainy so I decided some car birding wouldn't be the worst idea.  Here's what was going on at Ridgefield...

First goslings of the year.  Always cute.

Cinnamon Teals
Wilson's Snipe
Greater Yellowlegs

Blue-winged Teal

 Common Yellowthroat

Booming American Bittern

So yeah, some alright birds up there, but nothing crazy.  This week's motorless birding walks have included walks to Johnson Lake, Mays Lake, Mason Wetlands, lots of Columbia Slough spots, and lots of spots along Airport Way.  On Monday I found a Black-throated Gray Warbler near Johnson Lake...

I also did my best to turn an Orange-crowned Warbler into a Palm Warbler.  I failed.


Yesterday at Mason Wetlands I added Vaux's Swift and Sharp-shinned Hawk.  Of course I easily ID'ed that hawk in seconds.  Haha. 

This morning I walked the dogs to a bunch of regular spots, not really finding much of interest.  On the way home we stopped at one last spot where I was hoping to find Cinnamon Teals.  It's a marshy spot behind some office buildings where I have never found anything interesting ever.  And yet I keep going back, because I am insane. 

But today!  Today I flushed two Wilson's Snipes!  I felt bad for the flush but great because that was a new county bird for me!   They landed on the opposite side of the marsh where a Virginia Rail started up its kidick sound.  Two motorless birds!  No photos!  Good times!!


  1. Keep on a rockin' it Jen.

    Am. Bittern is a great bird and a great cocktail.

  2. Palm's have a very distinctive undertail pattern. Black base and white square tip. Orange-crowned have a dark undertail. That is all you needed to see :) Palms pump their tail a bunch and have bolder face pattern, on a Palm you would notice more streaking and a bigger bill as well. My long-winded point is they will be obviously different. Love seeing Blue-winged Teal. Why don't the dogs rate a picture this week?

  3. Super selection of pics and sightings Jen.

    Happy Easter.

  4. Great bird sightings. My favorites are the Snipe and the Bittern! Happy Birding!

  5. Wow, a REALLY nice selection--I'm super jealous of the booming bittern, and very appreciative of fuzzy baby birds on Easter. =) And, I will ALWAYS love snipe. Nice.

  6. all great birds Jen...My Mom broke her hip and is in the hospital for probably an entire month. I will be doing my birathon this weekend while my sister is sitting with mom...question? how to I send the $$$ for my pledge. They sent me a birding check list, do I pay on your birdathon page?


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