As the appropriately lone member of the Lone Birders team for this year's Birdathon, I decided to hit up Ridgefield NWR to see how many species I could find. 

The first thing I found were Barn Swallows doing the deed in the middle of the road.  Photos are terrible but I know you want to see anyway...

I walked the Kiwa Trail for the first time this year which helped the morning's list quite a bit. 

 Cedar Waxwing

Wilson's Snipe

Yellow Warbler

 And back on the auto tour...

Tree Swallow

 American Bittern

 Awkward (young?) Rufous

 Trying to woo a sleeping teal

 Lazuli Bunting

 Purple Martin gathering nest material

Things weren't too wild, just a solid morning at Ridgefield with 53 species to show for it.  Good times!!


  1. That tree swallow photo is just perfect. I love how the tree looks like it's shaped around it or something. Very nice.

  2. Geez Jen, friggin' photo-palooza nice work with everything.

    What is that Snipe doing? He's being very un-snipish

  3. We've been looking for bitterns in Ridgefield! Yet to see one yet though. I guess we better get back there stat.


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