Mexico: Rancho Primavera Part 2

Back to Rancho!  In addition to the resident Lilac-crowned Parrot, there is also a non-wild Military Macaw that hangs around.  It was pretty cool to see one up close since our views of wild birds flying over were certainly not amazing. 

Non-wild views

Wild views

Golden-cheeked Woodpeckers were extremely common birds yet I only managed photos of the ones that visited the Rancho feeders.  Probably one of my favorite birds from the trip. 

 San Blas Jays were regulars at the feeders, though difficult to crush

High on the list of birds that will never get old:  Black-throated Magpie-Jay.

I was told that there was no reason I should not see a Rosy Thrush-Tanager while at Rancho.  Finally I did see this ridiculous bird but their desire to stay in shady undergrowth makes them virtually uncrushable. 

Great Kiskadees, on the other hand, love sunshine and getting crushed.  It is their way.

 They also enjoy grapefruit and the company of Streak-backed Orioles

Look at this Rose-throated Becard sitting above my head, not giving an eff:


Groove-billed Anis were another common bird, but here I am with but one lone photo from Rancho:

On the hummingbird front, Plain-capped Starthroats were feeder regulars.

 What feeder?  A heavier crop than I like, but if it gets rid of the feeder so be it.

Orange-fronted Parakeets were seen several times in Mexico, but our best views were at Rancho on our last morning. 

We went searching for the elusive Red-breasted Chat while this Masked Tityra mocked us from above.

This concludes our time at Rancho Primavera.  We spent three nights there total, with the third night being our last night in Mexico.  Bonnie was a wonderful hostess, offering up coffee, blankets, restaurant advice for El Tuito, and where to look for birds that we never found. 

Rancho is a happy place.  Go there.  Have your own good times!!


  1. I was quite happy with the flyover macaws. Anyways, I could do a whole post with just pictures of you and the horse herd. Get ready, its going to be great.

    1. I was more afraid in the horse herd than I was when the volcano erupted.

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  3. I, for one, am continually inspired and cheered by your felicity of words and images. Pray continue to crush it.

  4. I just can't stop saying wow!! What a trip, what a bird count!! Very inspiring Jen!!


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