Mexico: Rancho Primavera

Back to Mexico.  Halfway through our trip we spent a couple nights at Rancho Primavera in El Tuito, Jalisco, a fantastic place to sit back and stare at bird feeders as well as roam around great birding habitat.  Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by both Bonnie, one of the owners, and Jasmine, the Lilac-crowned Parrot.

Steve was so happy, look at him.

We were also greeted by bird feeders, first ones of our trip (last ones too).  In the morning we had ridiculous looks at birds that had so far escaped crush-able status, feeding on fruit right outside our big balcony.

Look at this combo!  Grayish Saltator, Stripe-headed Sparrows, Black-vented Oriole

 We spent two days here, birding both the feeders and the trails that lead all over the 200-acre property, often accompanied by dogs and/or horses and/or Jasmine.

Caroline was Jasmine's preferred perch.

 Tiger Roscoe, the dog that drove everyone nuts but I still liked.

These horses followed Steve and I out of the woods one morning.

Cinnamon Hummingbird

 Yellow Grosbeak, common feeder bird at Rancho.  This bird is the reason Frank is the way he is.

 Yellow-winged Cacique

Russet-crowned Motmot, hanging out like it's not a facemelting bird.

My first clearwing! Possibly Thick-tipped Greta (Greta morgane)

Blue Mockingbird.  Away from Rancho feeders this bird is hard to see, though it's not uncommon.

Rufous-backed Robin, basking in sunshine out in the open. 

Spiny lizard sp?

 Least Grebe, a lifer I have long desired. 

Social Flycatcher, a super common bird that I never fully crushed.

One of the Sisters (Adelpha sp.)

One evening we tried for Eared Poorwill on a dirt road not too far from Rancho.  Failed to see the bird but it was kind of lovely, standing or sitting in silence on boulders as the sun went down.  One of the most peaceful moments I remember from Mexico.

There's so much more from Rancho Primavera that I will save it for a second post.  What a place.  The BEST times!!


  1. OMG all glorious birds,,,the MotMot has to be my fav it!! That least grebe is my runner up fav.

    1. Yep, those are probably my two favorites also! Least Grebes are unassuming yet somehow so much better than other grebes.

  2. I'm thoroughly enjoying these posts! That motmot... that mockingbird! The yearning builds.

    For the butterfly, might I suggest Erotia Sister?


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