National Bison Range

Welcome to the first installment of my Montana Tour 2016!  It's been a long time since I blogged, and even longer since I blogged while still on a trip, but here I am with free wi-fi and nothing better to do.  Yesterday I left the fireworks party of Portland and drove to the National Bison Range, about one hour north of Missoula.

This pile of antlers had a sign next to it that I did not read.

The scenic loop here is enjoyable.

There are a couple of short trails off the road that most people don't bother with, but since they allowed dogs I decided to check them out.

Birding was not exactly premium but a Grasshopper Sparrow was a nice bonus.  I'll spare you the bad photo.  Look at this fawn instead:

The last mile of the loop was the most active, with birds and bison and all that.

Vesper Sparrow

 Western Grasshopper-slayer

 Bird-bison combo

The bison were entertaining, especially this one large fellow who spent the whole time grunting dinosaur sounds, scratching his back, sticking his tongue out, and pooping.

More to come from Montana!  Good times!!