Steigerwald Lake NWR and then some.

After days of nonstop rain Friday morning was finally pleasant.  The sun peeked through the clouds and fog only gathered in the distance.  The dogs were in desperate need of a walk and I was itching to get in some birding.  I found an eBird report of a Say's Phoebe and decided to see if any had shown up along the Steigerwald Lake NWR dike trail. 

Jake, Ralph, and their half-sister Rexi

Almost immediately I found a Say's Phoebe flying around, grabbing grubs.

This was pretty awesome, but then things got more awesome when I heard a familiar flight call as ten birds flew past me.  Horned Larks! 

I had only seen a single Horned Lark in Clark County before this, a bird that was seen on the Ridgefield auto tour for awhile a couple years ago.  A whole flock was pretty exciting.   One bird had some tail feathers missing and when it flew it looked like a little flying rabbit.

I walked the dogs to the end of the trail and back, stopping when a Bald Eagle showed up and began hovering over the river.  A fish was flopping around and the eagle was trying to nab it, but then a sea lion popped up too.  The eagle gave up and perched in a tree nearby while the sea lion chowed down on its meal.

It was an excellent walk, though not the best for photos while holding three leashes. 

Best mutt crew. 

That afternoon the sun was shining and I managed to get in a little yard/driveway cleanup before giving in and sitting in the sun to watch the birds.  The Bushtits came around several times to snack on the veg suet. 

Anna's Hummingbirds were displaying nonstop over the yard.

This Red-winged Blackbird was confident I could not see him in the camellia:

Later that afternoon Jacob and I went out to Blue Lake Park for a little birding before sunset.  The best bird was a surprising Say's Phoebe catching bugs out in the main field. 

 Strange to see one in a field with absolutely nothing to perch on, but I'll take it because it's in my 5-mile Radius.

Yesterday morning we got up early to head to Astoria where we squeezed in a little birding. 

View from Hammond

At Fort Stevens there were large flocks of Dunlin swirling around, looking rad.  

Pacific Loon


The weather, the birds, and the company were all lovely.

In short, I had a great weekend.  Good times!!


  1. You packed a lot into one weekend! Are you sure you didn't pocket that phoebe and transplant it? ;)

  2. You are making me homesick for Oregon! I went to Ft Stephens, and crossed the bridge there...amazing area. So happy you found the phoebe, not once but twice and in your 5MR. Cute little half sister on the walk, there...and I can only imagine what the Eagle thought when he got one- upped by the sea lion. I'm positive animals have a language in thought same as we do!

    1. Yeah, I could spend days out there at Fort Stevens and not get bored. Such a good spot.

  3. Plan Phoebe was well strategized. I salute you.


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