Massachusetts yard stuff.

Most of my time back east was spent at my parents' house on Cape Cod where the yard birds are pretty damn good on there own.  Here's a brief rundown to tide you over until I get to the fun non-yard birds from the Cape.

Baby robins fledged the day before I arrived

 Their cozy below-the-deck nest

The grackle king

Eastern Kingbird = cool

Eastern Kingbird on a nest = even cooler

Very well concealed

Red-bellied Woodpecker

Chippy stuffing its cheeks

Baltimore Oriole

My parents attract tons of orioles, both Baltimore and Orchard, with their jelly feeders.  One evening I saw a feather hanging out of the jelly and thought it was an oriole feather, but when I gave it a tug a whole dead baby bird came with it.  :(

Not sure how this scene came about. 

That's it from the yard, the rest of Cape Cod to come soon!  Good times and many thanks to my parents for always keeping their feeders stocked when I'm in town!!!


  1. Aww poor baby in the jelly, probably a crow grabbed and dropped him there. I have done very little exploring of N.England, next yr maybe. Looking forward to the rest of the cape goodies!

    1. Yeah, I was suspecting it was a grackle maybe. New england is great but I'll take the west over it any day!

  2. It was your title that caught my attention. I am glad that you got over that sentiment.

  3. Wow I didn't know jelly feeders were even a thing. (And kinda wish I hadn't been eating my breakfast while I was reading this post.)

    Anyway, as always, thank you for sharing a cute American mammal in the post.

    1. Oops, I should have put a warning at the beginning! Jelly feeding is weird, but seeing tons of orioles kind of makes you forget that it's weird.

    2. Hehe, nah that's cool! I wasn't actually eating jelly so all good ;)


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