Local birds.

There's been a lot happening in my 5MR so let's get right to it.  Last time I showed you the Great Horned Owl youngster, an Anna's Hummingbird nest with eggs, and a Lesser Goldfinch sitting on a nest.

The hummingbirds hatched!!  Two hungry mouths popped up when the mom flew in to the nest earlier this week.

So cute!  We stopped by this morning to check on them...

Mom flew in with food and again two hungry mouths popped up.

Progress!  Next up are the Great Horned Owls.  Last week the youngster was still hanging out close to the nest.

But a few days later it was no longer there.  We feared the worst but eventually Jacob spotted it way down perched on a leaning tree. 

Both parents were nearby keeping a close eye on it.  A few days after that we checked and the owlet had climbed up the leaning tree to a safer height.

 Looking more owl-y

Today it was really wedged into a spot on the same tree, still not likely to be flying yet.

And now the Lesser Goldfinch nest.

Earlier this week we saw her moving around and thought maybe we saw a baby in there, but no confirmation.  This morning we saw a baby for sure!  At first I thought we were looking at the face...

Is that a face?  Eh? 

That's weird.. what am I looking at here?

Oh.  Oh wow.  That's not a face at all.  My bad.

This week we also found a Bushtit nest nearby, and today a Brown Creeper delivered some nesting material to a spot underneath some bark by the hummingbird nest.


 Now to catch up on the rest of my recent birding outings.  Most importantly, this heron pooping all over a Wood Duck house:

A couple of scruffy coyotes looking to be on the mend from mange at my weird patch near Walmart:

Also at that patch I had my first Common Yellowthroats of the year, singing Savannah and Lincoln Sparrows, and Tree Swallows gathering nesting material.

I was psyched to see a pair of Osprey return to David Douglas Park where it looks like they nest on one of the light poles.

And that's about where things are at right now.  Leaving in the morning for Kauai so my next posts will be a little more exciting!  Good times!!

Wild ginger at Orchards Park


  1. Aww so cute to see the babes...nesting is a little slower here than you got going...SO excited about your trip enjoy! I still need Hawaii to make my 50!

    1. I need Kansas and Alaska still. Hope you get out there someday!

  2. I'm glad all the nesting is going well! And so nice you have Ospreys in your 5MR :)
    Have a good trip!


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