Ridgefield NWR, etc.

The good news is that the sun is shining and I think we may have actually hit 60 degrees today!  The bad news... well, that's everything else.  I just read on the Oregon Birding list that one of our local birders, Randy Stafford, has passed away.  I met him once last December while I was looking for the Bobolink on Sauvie Island.  If you check out my blog post from that visit you'll see I mentioned meeting some "nice birders."  He was one of  'em.  I distinctly remember him warning me that bird photography is extremely addictive... Ain't it the truth. 

In other bad news, I just tried to make iced coffee and found my lonely ice tray completely dry.  Also, where the hell did all my yard birds go???   My only visitors this week were squirrels, a couple juncos, a few House Sparrows, and an Anna's Hummingbird.  At this point I would welcome starlings (though I don't plan on shooting them or eating them or any of the other suggestions I've seen on OBOL this week).

Anyway.  I went up to Ridgefield yesterday...  Saw a couple rails but no Soras.

I found the Marsh Wrens were rather cooperative (and acrobatic).

There were Fox Sparrows and flickers digging in the leaves near the trail to the blind.

In the forest a White-breasted Nuthatch was flitting from tree to tree...

That was about it.  At the end of the route I think I saw the Northern Shrike but it took off and I didn't have to time to sit and wait. 

Ok, no more bad news!  Well, besides the fact that I have ants and Ralph keeps chewing up my ant traps.  Oh and Ralph and Jake had their first tiff this morning.  Over what I don't know.  Damn dogs.